Available Loads

24/7 Access to Loads

Tired of only being offered an option or two when you’re ready for a load? Landstar owner-operators have 24/7 secured access to see every available Landstar load posted on our freight load board.  Set your search criteria by origin, destination, rate-per-mile, or all of the above and even more.

Available Loads Mobile App

Landstar’s Available Loads mobile app is designed to give business capacity owners (BCOs) a better, easier way to find and book loads. Finding a load is faster and easier with the Available Loads app. With the same loads available on LandstarOnline.com, BCOs say it’s the app features that make it simple to find and book a load.
To download the app search “Landstar Available Loads” in your smartphone’s app store or click here to get it on Google Play or here to download from iTunes.

Load Alerts®

You set the search criteria and let Load Alerts® work for you. While you’re doing your pre-trip, eating lunch, or taking a quick nap, Load Alerts is busy searching thousands of new loads on the Landstar freight load board. The moment a load becomes available that meets your specifications, Load Alerts calls or sends you an email with the details of the load. It’s like having your own personal dispatcher.

Trailer Types

Landstar has nearly 1,200 independent agent locations. So whether you have a van, flatbed, step deck, heavy haul, hot shot, refer or expedited, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. Don’t have flatbed experience? Landstar offers securement training allowing you to grow your Landstar owner-operator career.

Load Board Demonstration

You’ve probably talked to a few of our owner-operators and heard them talk about the Landstar Freight Load Board and Load Alerts. See for yourself. We offer daily live demonstrations of Landstar’s Freight Load Board. Click here to register for a Live Load Board Demonstration, or call 855.578.7226 to learn more about Landstar Owner-Operator opportunities!


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