Landstar BCO Lloyd Tubbs doesn’t consider himself a hero, even after he earned a Landstar Platinum Star of Quality award. Tubbs explains, “I simply found myself in the right place to offer help.” That was certainly the case in November 2019 when Tubbs was traveling through a snow storm on the Alaska Highway.

Tubbs says he happened to notice a vehicle that appeared to be stranded on the wayside of the highway near Stone Mountain, British Columbia. When he stopped along the designated wayside to check on the vehicle, Tubbs found an elderly couple in the car with a flat tire and without cell phone service. 

“I don’t know what would have happened to them if I hadn’t stopped. I’m glad I was there to help. They were so happy I stopped that they offered to pay me, but I refused, and always do, as that is not the true spirit of helping,” explains Tubbs. 

Tubbs dug out the car, changed the tire, put air in the spare tire with his truck airline, and after cleaning off their headlights, the BCO sent them toward a nearby town for additional help. 

For his actions, Tubbs was awarded Landstar’s Platinum Star of Quality pin. A Platinum Star of Quality award is given in exceptional circumstances, intended for Landstar Heroes of the Highway.

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