July & August 2019 Recipients 

Each month, deserving business capacity owners (BCOs), operators and agents earn Landstar’s Star of Quality Award.  The award, for members of the Landstar family who ago above and beyond the call of duty, recognizes those extra efforts and dedication to service.

The outstanding efforts made by these professional men and women earned them a Star of Quality Award. Our thanks and praise to the following members of the Landstar network who represent the best in the freight transportation industry.


Joshua Aaron “Buford” Williams

*A Platinum Star of Quality is awarded in exceptional circumstances such as those faced with a life or death situation.


Robert Boyle, Robert L. Haas, David Michael Hawkins, Robert D. Hill Jr., Charles Kumalaa, Matthew Mickenberg, Alan D. Poole, Mark William Rosian, Richard Snyder Jr., Steven Grillo*, Robyn Eve Taylor*, William Asher Taylor*, Larry A. James*

*Going Beyond the Gold – recipients have received multiple Gold Star awards.


Kenneth Adams, Ivan Evar Fridell, Lincoln Ryan Hunter, Vincent Leon Jackson, Jeron Long, Bryan L. Mair, Ryan James Nussbaum, Donald A. Ray, Jesus G. Valenzuela, Robert Esnayra Valenzuela


Michael Wayne Allen, Lance E. Allinson, Nicholas C. Altvater, Bryan Duane Arnesen, Thomas Baker, Elbert N. Banks Jr., Mustapha Benallou, Javier Betancur, Jorge Enrique Bueno Sr., Joe Lorence Caetano III, Melissa A. Caetano, Raymond John Calvosa, Juan M. Caracheo, Manuel Deveze, Louis A. Dominguez, Robert David French, Jibin George, Andres Fernando Giraldo, Jose Fernando Giraldo Murillo, John A. Giraldo, Lissa Gressley, Nestor Grijalva, Johnny Lewis Heath, Christopher S. Higgins, Christopher Lee Inson, Charles Lee Jones Jr., Robert Kimble, Daniel Glen Lea, William Shotwell Lee III, Sergio Hernan Lopera, Milton James Nolan Jr., Carlos Andres Osorio Jr., Samuel Erroll Parker, Steven David Pestor, Stephen D. Polan, Dennis B. Pugh, Alex S. Rebelatto, Giacomo Jack Riccobono Jr., Jeremy Jason Silcott, Jack Simpson, Patty Simpson, William Bryan Southard, Francine Undercoffler, Tracy E. Underwood, Christopher Wade, Matthew Caleb West, John Jerry White, Audrey Lynn Wilder


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