Compared to U.S. adult workers, professional over-the-road truck drivers have a higher rate of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. And according to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health they are the four most common and severe health issues facing America’s professional drivers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes plenty of reasons why living in a truck can make for an unhealthy lifestyle - irregular schedules, stress, lack of healthy options on the road and limited physical activity, to name a few.

How many of these six health tips do you follow?

Eat Healthy

Preplan your meals for the road and while you’re on the road.

Get Check Ups

See your doctor regularly and learn your sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure numbers so you can better control them.

Stop Smoking

Smoking increases your risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Get Active

Just 30 minutes of simple aerobic activity every day can decrease your chances of heart disease and help you lose weight.

Manage Stress

Find ways to relieve stress through deep breathing, stretching, yoga or fun hobbies that relax you.

Keep a Schedule

Keeping track of your diet, exercise and sleep is a great way to keep a healthy lifestyle.

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