For three decades, Landstar agents and business capacity owners (BCOs) have enthusiastically chosen Landstar as the best place to build a career that suits their needs.

Members of Landstar’s family may not share the same DNA. Instead, they share traits that can’t be found in a blood test: entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to their profession and motivation to own and operate a successful independent business.

From pagers and pay phones to online load boards, cell phones and mobile apps, the technology used to conduct business has changed a lot in three decades. But as the first generation of independent Landstar entrepreneurs tells it, what hasn’t wavered is Landstar’s commitment to its independent business owners.

Landstar Agent Carol Wind

Hasenoehrl Leasing Inc., Blasdell, New York
Established: 1978

“My father, Bob Hasenoehrl, better known as ‘Buffalo Bob,’ started the agency in 1978 and I came aboard in 1988. At that time we were still creating freight bills by hand. I grew up with this company and a small network of agents who relied on each other to get freight moved. Although now on a much larger scale, that feeling of family still exists at Landstar. Whether it’s about customs support, cross-border operations or a truck breakdown, there is always a fellow agent available willing to help.”

Landstar BCO Tommy Stiles

Hometown: Christiansburg, Virginia
Four Million Mile Safe Driver, Roadstar®  honoree
Leased on: 1982

“I’d like to tell the next generation to always keep an open mind when it comes to trucking. When I originally leased on I intended to return to dump truck driving, but I decided I liked over-the-road trucking better because Landstar gave me the freedom to run my business my way and provided a better life for my family.”

Landstar Agents Brad and Sarah Beauchamp

SJB Enterprises Inc., Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Established: 1986

“We are as much in the communications industry as we are in the transportation industry. What we once did with several steps to pinpoint freight during transport - by calling the driver to find out, then calling the customer to report the status - now, takes just a few clicks online. Whether we were doing it the old way or with new technologies, our Landstar advantage has always been our availability to customers. Our customers know they have Landstar’s support and we are always there for them.”

Landstar BCO Ralph Jones

Hometown: Blountville, Tennessee
Three Million Mile Safe Driver
Leased on: 1986

“The biggest thing that’s changed over the last 30 years is the amount of traffic on the roads. But it’s our responsibility as professional truck drivers to be aware of the vehicles around us. Putting safety first is how I’ve achieved three million miles with Landstar without a preventable accident.”

Landstar Agent Charles “Pepper” Webber

The Charles Webber Agency
Established: 1987

“Landstar provides many tools to help you maintain and grow your business, but the tools are only as valuable as your willingness to participate. Use them and use the Landstar family advantage – find a mentor and take their advice.”

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