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The Landstar Advantage

The Next Generation: Millennial Agents and BCOs

For three decades, Landstar agents and business capacity owners (BCOs) have enthusiastically chosen Landstar as the best place to build a career that suits their needs.

Members of Landstar’s family may not share the same DNA. Instead, they share traits that can’t be found in a blood test: entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to their profession and motivation to own and operate a successful independent business.

Following in the footsteps of the men and women who laid the groundwork for Landstar, the next generation of Landstar agents and BCOs encompass the same entrepreneurial spirit as the first. In their 30s, this group of millennial business owners are eager for the future, to grow their businesses and the freedom to succeed with Landstar. Continue reading

The Roadstar Distinction

The Roadstar distinction is awarded to Landstar owner-operators recognized for their outstanding safety records and professionalism behind the wheel.

Roadstar award winners are considered to be the most elite of the company’s business capacity owners (BCOs) – Landstar’s term for independent owner-operators leased exclusively to Landstar.

Typically, it will take a Landstar BCO 10 years or more to earn the coveted Roadstar award.

Each Roadstar recipient is productive, profitable and exceptional in all aspects of operating his or her own business.

To be eligible for the honor, a Roadstar nominee must:

  • Have earned status as a one or more Landstar Million Mile Safe Driver
  • Provide an example to other truck operators in adherence to DOT regulations and Landstar’s safety-first culture
  • Produce significant revenue
  • Have a positive, cooperative attitude in his or her interactions with employees, agents and customers

U Drive. U Text. U Pay.

April is Distracted Driver Awareness month and to combat distracted driving, the Department of Transportation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is leading an effort to stop texting and cell phone use behind the wheel.

The campaign, “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” is an effort designed to crack down on distracted driving nationwide. From April 10th through the 15th, state and local law enforcement will aggressively ticket drivers who are found to be texting or using their mobile devices while driving.

The NHTSA campaign is also designed to save lives. NHTSA data shows at least 3,154 people were killed in crashes involving distracted drivers in 2013 and that 424,000 Americans were injured in distracted driving accidents.

NHTSA recommends motorists follow these guidelines in order to prevent distracted driving:

  • Turn off electronic devices and put them out of reach before driving
  • Be good role models for young drivers, talk to teens about distracted driving
  • Speak up if you are a passenger and the driver is using their electronic device while driving
  • Always wear your seat belt. Seat belts are the biggest defense against unsafe drivers

Since 2009, the U.S. Department of Transportation has launched a variety of creative campaigns to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. You can learn more about the U Drive. U Text. U Pay. campaign on the official U.S. Government website for distracted driving:

Follow this link from the NHTSA for more information and statistics on distracted driving:

Best Fleets to Drive For Top 20

Landstar is among the Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For according to a survey by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA).

The release of the Top 20 carriers identified in the seventh annual survey comes after months of nominations, interviews and scoring by the TCA and CarriersEdge. The nomination process began last year, when company drivers and owner-operators were asked to nominate carriers operating 10 or more trucks.

Brad Bentley, president of TCA, said, “Clearly, these fleets are doing something right, and their efforts are paying off on multiple levels.”

Nominees were evaluated in a variety of categories including professional development opportunities (training, coaching programs etc.), commitment to continuous improvement (including dispute resolution processes and inclusion of driver feedback in policymaking), annual turnover rate and the fleet safety record.

A selection of each fleet’s drivers or owner-operators was also surveyed, with its feedback compared to management’s and incorporated into the final score. The results are the Top 20 carriers selected. This is Landstar’s fourth year participating in the survey and fourth consecutive year in the Top 20.

“It’s great to hear that once again Landstar has been recognized by the owner operators who help make Landstar an industry leader by providing excellence in safety and service,” said Landstar Executive Vice President of Capacity Development Rocco Davanzo. “We’re proud that owner operators leased to Landstar feel that they have the freedom, opportunities and support services they need to successfully run their own businesses.”

The two overall winners, Best Overall Fleet for Owner Operators and Best Overall Fleet for Company Drivers, will be announced during the TCA’s Annual Convention March 10. To find out if Landstar is number one again this year, check out our Facebook page, Twitter account @LandstarNow or check back with us at

Apps for Success

by Joe Beacom, Landstar Vice President and Chief Safety & Operations Officer

The long-awaited agent workflow tool “Shipment Manager” is now operational and in the hands of several agents. A sincere thank you to the many agents who invested their time and energy into defining the functional aspects of the tool, reviewed and tested the various components and were ultimately critical to the project’s success. Feedback from the initial group of agent users has been very positive, confirming the intent which was to improve shipment visibility from tender through invoicing. Shipment Manager allows for key customer-specific milestones to be monitored; creating the opportunity for exception management.

Landstar Connect, an equally impactful tool is being rolled out simultaneously. Landstar Connect is a smartphone app that simplifies the ability for BCOs and carriers to provide shipment visibility and status reporting. The onerous task of telephone calls, voice mail and returned calls can be eliminated with Landstar Connect thanks to the use of the smartphone’s GPS information. Each customer’s status reporting requirements are sent via the app to the phone, allowing the operator to provide only those updates that are required, while providing the agent and/or customer with shipment visibility from origin to destination.

This technology is not new to the industry, however its integration into shipment visibility at Landstar is a nice enhancement that provides an opportunity to provide significant visibility, more efficiently and effectively.  A testament to the ease of use and benefit to productivity is seen in one BCO’s request that we make certain each of the several agents he works with are trained on the app, eliminating the telephone calls back and forth throughout the day or night to provide customer peace of mind.

Increasingly, customers see quality information equal in value to timely and damage free transportation. These tools are intended to allow Landstar agents and BCOs to meet these requirements more effectively and with greater efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about Landstar contact us 1-800-622-0658 or

Visit us at Cabela’s – Hoffman Estates, IL 10/15/14

Thinking about Landstar?
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– Live load board demos
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– Door prizes
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A Platform for Success

Landstar truly offers a career path for owner/operators looking to move from van to platform freight. You can lease to Landstar with absolutely no platform experience and wind up hauling the big, heavy stuff. To get started, take Landstar’s free two-day securement course. We even pay for your food and lodging while attending the class. No trailer, no problem. Landstar has company platform equipment available to you.

After you haul legal freight, safely and compliantly for a relatively short period of time following securement class, you can move up to 10-foot-wide, over-dimensional loads. Then, once you have safely moved six loads of 10-foot-wide freight, you can upgrade to larger projects, and from there, you can progress to multi-axle trailers and specialized freight as your experience, skills and desire allows.

Roadstar and 2 Million Mile Safe Driver Bruce Bryant is a prime example of a BCO who has taken full advantage of this opportunity. Bryant came to Landstar as van operator, but after roughly two years pulling van freight he wanted more revenue and more of a challenge.

“Once I got into flatbed I enjoyed it and my revenue went up so I said, ‘Maybe I need to look into going into more specialized.’ So I moved up to stepdeck and was able to make even more money there because you have more oversize freight,” says Bryant, who eventually purchased a 4-axle truck and low boy double drop. “I’ve been doing that ever since and the money is great. It opened up a lot more doors.”

He says it was Landstar that provided him the opportunity take his career to this next level.

“Some companies do not provide that. Once you get on as a van operator it’s very hard to move from van to flatbed. Landstar’s not like that,” Bryant says. “I was able to go to flatbed, then progress to stepdeck and ultimately to lowboy and the oversized stuff. That’s one of the great things about Landstar – the freedom to do what you want.”

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

By Pat O’Malley, Landstar Vice President and Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer

We’re now at the midpoint of our financial year and it’s an exciting time to be at Landstar. Coming off a second quarter that saw another successful BCO All-Star Celebration which included a second truck giveaway for the year, the grand opening of our Fort Worth, Texas, Orientation Center and record-setting revenue performance, it’s clear that the “Next 25 Years” of our company is off to an outstanding start.

Agents, BCOs, third-party capacity providers and employees should be confident that the aforementioned are all indicators that Landstar is thriving – tangible signs of a company on the rise. You may be familiar with the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats.” That belief is certainly applicable to Landstar and the symbiotic relationship it has with its constituents, most of whom are also thriving. Our success is a product of the success of the individually-owned businesses that make up Landstar.

What are some of the tangible signs of success in your own business? More loads, new customers, increased pricing? If your business is not experiencing this year’s uptick, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your operations and reach out to take advantage of the many tools and resources that Landstar offers to improve your profitability. We want each and every one of our associating businesses riding the wave of this success. Take pride in knowing that you are affiliated with a financially strong company willing to reinvest in itself. That, along with Landstar’s outstanding capacity pool, gives you a competitive advantage over the competition. Capacity is tight and customers are looking for unique, customized solutions and are coming to Landstar because we can provide what they need. This year’s strong performance thus far is not by chance. It’s a result of the collaboration, expertise and execution between agents, capacity and corporate that allows Landstar to help customers navigate the rough seas of transportation and logistics. Congratulations to all for a job well done. Let’s keep the momentum going as we sail into the second half of the year!

BCO All-Star Celebration

2014All-Star-logo_smallBThe BCO All-Star Celebration is almost upon us. In just days, Landstar Roadstars and Million Mile Safe Drivers will gather for the 3rd annual All-Star event to celebrate the newest class of inductees. This group of elite BCOs and their families will enjoy food, prizes, games, tours of historic Savannah, Georgia, fishing, shopping, and swimming, but even more than all of that, they will enjoy the camaraderie and pride that comes with knowing they have achieved a career milestone.
On average, it takes a truck operator 10 years to travel a million miles. This distance would take the typical driver of a passenger vehicle 67 years – around the time of their 83rd birthday – to complete! And Landstar Roadstars take that career milestone to the next stop. Each Roadstar, previously recognized as a Landstar Million Miler, is chosen for his or her consistently high levels of safety, productivity and excellent customer service.
This All-Star event is our way of acknowledging a highly successful career with Landstar, as well as a way to give back to those who give so much every day. We realize there are a lot of other moments that owner-operators have missed while on the road, and so, this celebration is just for you!