Hotshot Demand Continues to Grow

CMoore_HOT_SHOT_Blog_4When hotshot BCO Chris Moore leased on with Landstar in 2015, he brought with him 5 years of experience in transporting freight using his Ford F-350 and 40-foot gooseneck trailer. Before that, the 26-year-old owner-operator spent some time behind the wheel of a big rig.

“Operating the big truck was expensive and I couldn’t do it anymore, so I started doing hotshot transports with my truck and found there’s no comparison. The ease of getting in and out of places as a hotshot isn’t possible with a big truck,” explained Moore.

The demand for hotshot trucking in the transportation industry continues to grow and, with that demand, Landstar’s utilization of hotshots is also expanding – giving more agents the option to use hotshot owner-operators to get loads hauled. CMoore_HOT_SHOT_Blog_1

“There’s a niche for hotshots in our industry. Sometimes the customer will even request the smaller trucks because there are some new job sites that bigger trucks just cannot get into,” noted Carla Johnson with the Donna Daniels Agency.

What started as just a handful of hotshot owner-operators has quickly turned into a small, but mighty, hotshot fleet.

“Hotshots increase Landstar’s platform capacity and open more opportunities for our agents who are able to better serve their customers,” said Landstar Vice President of Capacity Development Scott Ray.

For Moore, that means hauling pipe loads and driving on scenic back roads, which allows him to see even more of the United States.

“For me, driving means getting to see places I’ve never seen before like Wyoming.  It’s a beautiful state and because I am a hotshot owner-operator and don’t have a weight restriction, I can take back roads and see even more of what these states have to offer,” said Moore.

Aside from getting into places an 18-wheeler cannot and not being restricted by a weight limit, Moore says, other factors aid in his success as a hotshot.

“Operation costs on the Ford versus a big truck are so much lower. I get 11 miles to the gallon on fuel, and have an additional fuel tank on the truck, so I can keep going and don’t have to stop often to re-fuel,” explained Moore. CMoore_HOT_SHOT_Blog_3

Agents or owner-operators who would like more information on Landstar hotshots should contact BCO Recruiting at 1-800-435-4010.