No Forced Dispatch

Landstar owner-operators enjoy freedom and the unprecedented access to thousands of Landstar loads. There is no forced dispatch. Only you decide which Landstar loads to haul, where to run, when to go home, and when to load back out when you’re ready.

Home Time

Home time is an important issue with most owner-operator trucking jobs, so why leave that decision to a dispatcher or a driver manager? You bought the truck and fuel and became an owner operator. That decision is rightfully yours and as a Landstar owner-operator it always will be.

Percentage Pay

The answer to making more money in a cents-per-mile program is “run more miles”, or you can wait for the company to come up with a new contract or gimmick promising you a few more cents. As a Landstar owner-operator, you always get your fair percentage of every Landstar load you haul. With Landstar’s percentage pay, as rates go up, so do your earnings. Since you’re the one choosing the loads, you can always make sure you are maximizing your full earnings potential.


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