Landstar Celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

BCO-Appreciation-FB-header3National Truck Driver Appreciation week is an opportunity for us all to thank and honor the professional drivers who help move and deliver America. Landstar’s owner-operators are among the most professional, experienced drivers in the transportation industry and have a huge role in transporting goods safely and on time.

“Delivering a safety first service to our customers takes a team effort, so thank you for what you do,” said Landstar Agent Gary Campbell.  “We are all in this together.”

APPRECIATION-DAYOf the 3.4 million professional men and women who drive across America, more than 9,000 are Landstar Business Capacity Owners (BCOs).  The men and women who have leased on with Landstar are responsible for delivering so many of the products we use today – from the food on our dinner plates, to the medicine that could someday save your life.   AMERICA-MOVING

“You guys are the best, and that’s what Landstar wants, the best. Thanks for everything you do and thanks for doing it by putting safety first,” said Landstar Agent Bruce Baker.

In appreciation of all the hard work and excellence delivered day in and day out, Landstar is providing a free lunch to Landstar BCOs who join us at any Landstar Orientation Center the week of September 14-18.

“Thank you for your commitment to safety, thank you for your commitment to our customers, thank you for all you do,” said Landstar Vice President of Loss Prevention Shelly Seaton.

Thank you for carrying the load, for going above and beyond the call of duty and for doing it all safely.  Without your dedication to safety and commitment to our customers, we wouldn’t be able to put all the pieces of the Landstar puzzle together.

Thank you Landstar BCOs. We’re proud you move America!