Landstar Executives, BCOs Participate in Roundtable Discussion

dundeeLandstar executives and business capacity owners (BCOs) gathered in Dundee, Michigan, for a roundtable discussion at the end of July. Throughout the night Landstar executives addressed questions and BCOs’ concerns, and discussed Landstar’s outlook for the remainder of 2015.

“This is the second round-table discussion we’ve had this year and the response has been very strong,” said Executive Vice President of Capacity Development Rocco Davanzo.

More than a dozen BCOs joined in the most recent roundtable dialogue.

“I found the meeting very beneficial and informative. I learned a lot,” said Landstar BCO Gregg Stewart. “All of the BCOs had good questions that got the conversation going and encouraged us all to join the discussion.”

Aside from a discussion on the freight economy and upcoming system enhancements at Landstar, BCOs voiced their opinions on BCO orientation and the C.A.B.S. (Continued Awareness of Business and Safety) program, offering their suggestions for areas of improvement.

“It was really great hearing different ideas from the different drivers,” said Landstar BCO Jim Meagher. “I’ve been with Landstar 24 years and I hope there are more of these meetings and discussions for us in the future too.”

BCO orientation is a two day safety and business class which helps new BCOs get assimilated to the Landstar system. C.A.B.S. is designed to offer BCOs continuing education with Landstar. The safety and business program is attended by new BCOs between their 90th and 120th day and by existing BCOs every three years.

“BCOs who attended the meeting showed a lot of passion for their business and gave Landstar constructive feedback that will make Landstar an even better home for owner-operators,” said Davanzo.

Watch the Landstar Owner-Operators (BCOs) Facebook page and Landstar Online for future roundtable meeting times and locations.