Meeting Customer Expectations

by Joe Beacom, Landstar Vice President and Chief Safety & Operations Officer

Demand is strong! Demand for capacity. For information. For efficiency. For solutions. At the recent Landstar Agent Convention, these customer expectations received well-deserved attention. Across the industries we serve, weather has played havoc with supply chains in the first quarter and beyond. Havoc for some, is opportunity for those prepared to work smart, commit to service and offer flexibility; all strengths of the Landstar asset-light model.

Three key deliverables intended to improve the flow of information, create efficiencies and offer solutions are soon to be realized in 2014: improvements in agency work flow, technology to simplify the shipment tracking process and enhanced reporting capabilities are all operational enhancement priorities in the works.

The concept is simple – allow agents and BCOs to spend as much time as possible doing those things that make them the most productive and most profitable. The concept gets more complicated by the fact that each agent and BCO is an independent business that determines how they operate to meet customer expectations for load acceptance, on-time pick-up, status reporting, claim-free delivery, accurate invoicing and much more.

These enhancements build upon the foundation of dedicated agents understanding customer expectations, working cooperatively with capacity providers to keep customers informed and satisfied while strengthening the Landstar brand. Expect to see more to come on Shipment Manager, GPS Shipment Tracking and Customer Reporting.