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Download the Landstar Connect App Today!



Download Landstar Connect today to experience the app’s new features – less work for app users and more visibility for customers. With the latest enhancements to the shipment tracking app, BCOs and other approved carriers using Landstar Connect no longer have to make check calls. Instead, the app automatically updates a BCO’s arrivals and departures via smart phone, so there’s no lag time for agents and their customers who need to know exactly where their freight is and when it’s been received.

“The auto arrive and departure enhancements save us from having to make multiple calls to get current locations, loaded times and empty times,” says Landstar DUV Agency’s Misty Plata.

Besides the time-saving benefits to agents and capacity providers, the more extensive GPS load-tracking capabilities also help meet customer demand for timely, accurate status updates about their shipments.

“Landstar Connect is a great way for us to quickly provide the customer with detailed, real-time status updates,” said CAN Agency’s Steve Linsalata.

Other recent app enhancements include:

  • GeoFence Lock and Unlock: An owner-operator can activate the GeoFence around his or her trailer while under a load using the app – an alert is sent if the fence is broken.
  • Store and Forward: When the device is in a poor service area, Landstar Connect stores the GPS location and forwards it to the customer when service is regained.
  • Document Scanning Services: Capacity providers can upload paperwork to Landstar using the app.

Download Landstar Connect today from either the Google Play or Apple App Stores. Or, contact the Account Management department about Landstar Connect by emailing connect@landstar.com or calling 866-440-9161.

A Message from Landstar President & CEO Jim Gattoni


The June Safety Thursday Conference Call marked Landstar’s 300th call in the last 25 years.  The first ever safety call happened in June of 1991, under then CEO Jeff Crowe, Landstar’s first Chief Executive Officer.

Every year, Landstar prides itself in being one of the safest transportation providers in the industry and thanks to all of Landstar’s BCOs and agents, the focus on safety will continue and will always be a top priority at Landstar.

In 1991, when Landstar held its first ever safety Thursday Conference Call, I wasn’t yet an employee of the company; however, I was part of the team that was responsible for Landstar’s annual financial audit.  Back in 1991, Landstar had revenue of $595 million dollars and, in 2015, Landstar generated $3.3 billion.  In fact, in the first three months of 2016, we generated more revenue than the entire 1991 fiscal year.

We had 6,000 tractors provided by independent truck operators in 1991.  Today, we have more than 9,000 Business Capacity Owners (BCOs) providing truck capacity to the Landstar network.

Landstar’s growth over that 25 year period is exceptional and it is all due to the power of the network, the commitment and the contributions that every BCO contributes to Landstar.

I would like to personally thank all of the BCOs on the call with us today for their commitment to safety and for their contributions to the success of Landstar over the past 25 years.  You are the drivers of our success!  Thank you for all you do every day to make Landstar the best transportation company in the United States.


24th Annual Romulus Safety Meeting

More than 230 Landstar professionals, owner-operators and agents took part in the 24th annual LSO/BCO Safety Meeting in Romulus, Michigan. The event, held each year in February, is designed to update Landstar BCOs on specific regulatory changes within the transportation industry and provide company safety performance data and discuss overall best safety practices. The meeting is hosted by LAN agency’s Mike and Brandon LePi20160206_090239or, and supported by nearly two dozen additional agents, as well as Landstar.

Guest speakers included Landstar Vice President of Loss Prevention Shelly Seaton, Region 2 Vice President Kendall Rump, Director of Compliance – Operator/Equipment Theresa Broadbent, Field Safety Manager Jeremy Bush and CABS Coordinators Rob Walter. Motivational speaker and transportation industry consultant Dan Baker also spoke to the crowd during the meeting. Baker became a professional speaker in the trucking industry in the 1980s and has since dedicated his life to motivating and mentoring truckers.  Ron Flowers, a regional Intelligence Officer with Canada Border Services Agency delivered specifics related to safe and legal border crossing policy and procedures.  IMG_1291

“Thanks to so many of our agents working together, we had a fantastic turn out this year,” said Landstar Vice President of Loss Prevention Shelly Seaton. “We discussed Landstar’s behavioral campaign focusing on speed and space management.”

In addition to discussion of the “Drive for Five” campaign, BCOs were reminded to communicate any challenges encountered during their loading/unloading process where LSOs might explore a M.U.S.T. customer visit (Mutual Understanding of Safety Together).

“Safety Meetings provide a platform for us to assist BCOs and LSOs in understanding the new rules and regulations they are facing in 2016,” said Seaton.

“Each year this event out-does the year before; we were so pleased with this year’s turnout – 120 Business Capacity Owners joined us for the meeting,” echoed Landstar Agent Brandon LePior.  20160206_090304After the safety meeting, 58 of the BCOs in attendance stayed on for a Continued Awareness of Business & Safety Class (C.A.B.S.). Orientation Coordinator Stephen Chambers taught the class, designed to help owner-operators review Landstar’s business model and safety practices.