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Landstar Earns 2016 Top 100 Trucker Award from Inbound Logistics


Landstar is proud to be named one of the 2016 Top 100 Truckers by Inbound Logistics magazine.  According to Inbound Logistics, the Top 100 Truckers list serves as a qualitative assessment of service providers, best equipped to meet and surpass its readers’ evolving motor freight transportation needs.

“Given today’s complex transportation and logistics challenges, the blended transportation solutions offered by Landstar’s s operating companies show true leadership in the trucking sector. For continuously providing the kinds of trucking solutions that readers need, Inbound Logistics is pleased to recognize Landstar as a 2016 Top 100 Trucker,” said Inbound Logistics Editor Felecia Stratton.

Each year, Inbound Logistics editors select the best transportation providers by carefully evaluating submitted information, conducting personal interviews and online research, and comparing that data to Inbound Logistics’ readers’ burgeoning motor freight and logistics challenges.

This year’s list of 100 truck transportation providers was selected from a pool of more than 200 companies.

“Landstar is proud to be listed among the elite companies offering diverse operational capabilities and experience to meet even the most unique transportation challenges,” said Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni.


Hotshot Demand Continues to Grow

CMoore_HOT_SHOT_Blog_4When hotshot BCO Chris Moore leased on with Landstar in 2015, he brought with him 5 years of experience in transporting freight using his Ford F-350 and 40-foot gooseneck trailer. Before that, the 26-year-old owner-operator spent some time behind the wheel of a big rig.

“Operating the big truck was expensive and I couldn’t do it anymore, so I started doing hotshot transports with my truck and found there’s no comparison. The ease of getting in and out of places as a hotshot isn’t possible with a big truck,” explained Moore.

The demand for hotshot trucking in the transportation industry continues to grow and, with that demand, Landstar’s utilization of hotshots is also expanding – giving more agents the option to use hotshot owner-operators to get loads hauled. CMoore_HOT_SHOT_Blog_1

“There’s a niche for hotshots in our industry. Sometimes the customer will even request the smaller trucks because there are some new job sites that bigger trucks just cannot get into,” noted Carla Johnson with the Donna Daniels Agency.

What started as just a handful of hotshot owner-operators has quickly turned into a small, but mighty, hotshot fleet.

“Hotshots increase Landstar’s platform capacity and open more opportunities for our agents who are able to better serve their customers,” said Landstar Vice President of Capacity Development Scott Ray.

For Moore, that means hauling pipe loads and driving on scenic back roads, which allows him to see even more of the United States.

“For me, driving means getting to see places I’ve never seen before like Wyoming.  It’s a beautiful state and because I am a hotshot owner-operator and don’t have a weight restriction, I can take back roads and see even more of what these states have to offer,” said Moore.

Aside from getting into places an 18-wheeler cannot and not being restricted by a weight limit, Moore says, other factors aid in his success as a hotshot.

“Operation costs on the Ford versus a big truck are so much lower. I get 11 miles to the gallon on fuel, and have an additional fuel tank on the truck, so I can keep going and don’t have to stop often to re-fuel,” explained Moore. CMoore_HOT_SHOT_Blog_3

Agents or owner-operators who would like more information on Landstar hotshots should contact BCO Recruiting at 1-800-435-4010.

Summer Holiday Cargo Alert from Landstar

A load at rest is a load at risk!

Cargo thieves do not take holidays off, they use the holiday season to capitalize on poorly coordinated dispatch. Cargo thieves are always on the lookout for unattended equipment loaded with High Risk Cargo (HRC) or other lucrative cargo which is easily marketed for a quick profit. It takes less than 5 minutes for a cargo thief to steal your truck, trailer and load.

With approaching holidays in Canada and the United States, Landstar is reminding all BCOs, Carriers and 3rd Party Logistics providers to be mindful of their trucks, trailers and cargo during this high-risk time.

Businesses will be closed as Canada celebrates Canada Day on Wednesday July 1st and Friday, July 3rd for Independence Day in the U.S.

Here are some tips to keep you secure:

  • Verify your shipper’s and receiver’s holiday schedule.
  • Remember to use your locks!
  • HRC cannot be taken home for any reason.
  • Secure yards available across the country, but they fill up quickly around holidays.

If you need assistance, contact Landstar Security and Cargo Loss Prevention at 800-872-9103.

New Orientation Center – Grand Opening

New Landstar Orientation Center - TX
The new Landstar orientation center being built in Fort Worth, Texas

The Grand Opening! The walls are up, the roof has been raised and progress continues daily on the build out of the new Landstar orientation center in Ft. Worth, Texas, as the final stages of construction continue toward the July grand opening.

The new facility will be bigger and better than the current orientation center in Grand Prairie. In fact, the new center will be almost double the current center in square footage, with additional restrooms, computers, and more work and dining space. The new break room will be twice as large as the lunch room in the Grand Prairie center. Plus, there will be four showers instead of just one, and four washing machines and four dryers. The new parking lot will also be bigger and better – completely paved, fenced, lighted and will feature a keypad entry for security, similar to the orientation center in St. Augustine, Florida. There will be 140 tractor-trailer parking spaces at the Ft. Worth center, plus 150 spaces for cars.

The new site is just two miles from the current orientation center, but offers easier access for trucks from Texas Highway 183, near Highway 360 at 4700 Diplomacy Road, Ft. Worth, TX 76155.

Landstar BCOs and agents are invited to Join us on Thursday, July 10th for the grand opening – lunch will be served at 11:30am. See you there!

Expedite Your Career

What’s the best part of being an owner-operator with a straight truck and hauling expedited freight? The parking availability, of course! O.K., all kidding aside, there are plenty of advantages to owning and operating a straight truck, especially when truck parking is at a premium. But it’s more than just the lack of 18 wheels or the smaller size and maneuverability of the truck. It’s the lifestyle that most expeditors say they enjoy – the mobility to take advantage of the sightseeing or tourist opportunities trucking can provide, or the flexibility to stop and visit family and friends who live far from home.
You may have found your niche in the trucking world, but have you found your fit in the expedited world? Choosing the right company to lease onto is just as important. Make sure the trucking company you choose understands that you chose a lifestyle, that you chose freedom – not only from parking hassles, but also from schedules and demands that do not work with your lifestyle choice. Because that should be the best part of owning and operating your own truck. That’s the best way to expedite your career – whether you’re running on 18 wheels or not.

Meeting Customer Expectations

by Joe Beacom, Landstar Vice President and Chief Safety & Operations Officer

Demand is strong! Demand for capacity. For information. For efficiency. For solutions. At the recent Landstar Agent Convention, these customer expectations received well-deserved attention. Across the industries we serve, weather has played havoc with supply chains in the first quarter and beyond. Havoc for some, is opportunity for those prepared to work smart, commit to service and offer flexibility; all strengths of the Landstar asset-light model.

Three key deliverables intended to improve the flow of information, create efficiencies and offer solutions are soon to be realized in 2014: improvements in agency work flow, technology to simplify the shipment tracking process and enhanced reporting capabilities are all operational enhancement priorities in the works.

The concept is simple – allow agents and BCOs to spend as much time as possible doing those things that make them the most productive and most profitable. The concept gets more complicated by the fact that each agent and BCO is an independent business that determines how they operate to meet customer expectations for load acceptance, on-time pick-up, status reporting, claim-free delivery, accurate invoicing and much more.

These enhancements build upon the foundation of dedicated agents understanding customer expectations, working cooperatively with capacity providers to keep customers informed and satisfied while strengthening the Landstar brand. Expect to see more to come on Shipment Manager, GPS Shipment Tracking and Customer Reporting.