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Save Money, Download LandstarOne Today!

LandstarOne is a new mobile app from Landstar, created to give independent Landstar owner-operators one stop for all of their business needs.

“LandstarOne makes it even easier for BCOs to save money on fuel and gives them direct access to the Landstar apps they rely on to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively,” says Rocco Davanzo, Landstar Transportation Logistics executive vice president of capacity development.

Designed as a mobile portal to house all of Landstar’s exclusive mobile applications, LandstarOne gives business capacity owners (BCOs) instant access to:

  • LCAPP® Fuel Savings
  • Landstar’s Available Loads & Landstar Maximizer® apps
  • Important Landstar news and information

“Being able to subtract the LCAPP fuel discount and state IFTA is huge, it saves me work,” said Landstar BCO Jason Mollett. “The app gives me an easy way to compare fuel prices wherever I am.”

LandstarOne is available for download for iPhones in the App Store or for Android phones on Google Play. Once downloaded, BCOs should log on to LandstarOne using their LandstarOnline.com username and password. If you have questions about the LandstarOne app please email LandstarOne@Landstar.com.

LCAPP® – Landstar Contractors’ Advantage Purchasing Program is a unique, cost savings program available exclusively to Landstar business capacity owners. LCAPP frequently adds products and services to help Landstar BCOs lower their operating costs.  Visit www.LCAPP.com to learn more about the additional savings available for BCOs.

LandstarOne: Now Available for Download

A new mobile app from Landstar, created to give you one stop for your business needs.

Now with LandstarOne you can:

  • Optimize your LCAPP® fuel savings, find the best prices wherever you go
  • Use the app features to see your fuel price net of IFTA credit
  • Access the Landstar Available Loads & Landstar Maximizer® mobile apps

We are not done yet. In the months ahead, LandstarOne will include:

  • Important news & information
  • More tools to run your business

Plus, redesigned access to the Landstar Available Loads, Landstar Maximizer® & Landstar Connect® mobile apps!

The LandstarOne mobile app is now available for download on the App Store or on Google Play.

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Big Fuel Discounts with LCAPP

by Rocco Davanzo, Exec. Vice President of Capacity Development

It’s the Holiday Season! A time of year synonymous with festivities, gifts and, unfortunately, spending a lot of extra money. But what if as an owner-operator you could actually save money during the holidays and the rest of the year too? Thousands of Landstar BCOs are doing just that by way of amazing fuel discounts through Landstar’s Contractor Advantage Purchasing Program (LCAPP). Just last week, Landstar owner-operators saved over 60 cents a gallon over the regular retail price, with one BCO reporting saving more than $1 per gallon on fuel! How’s that for putting a little extra jingle in your pocket for the holidays?

Landstar’s ability to secure the cheapest fuel prices for its owner-operators would make even Ebenezer Scrooge jealous! In 2013, Landstar BCOs saved over $19 million on fuel purchases through the LCAPP program…and the savings for 2014 are shaping up to be even more impressive, at nearly $24 million in fuel cost savings with a few more weeks to go.

The average savings on fuel purchases through LCAPP for 2014 year-to-date is around 22 cents per gallon. That equates to substantial savings when calculated throughout the entire year.The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has projected the average retail price of on-highway diesel fuel for the second half 2014 to be $3.86 per gallon. At that price, an owner-operator who drove 110,000 miles this year and averaged 6.5 miles per gallon would save approximately $3,800 in 2014 on fuel purchased through LCAPP. Given that you don’t pay taxes on money saved, some financial experts say that additional dollars saved are even more beneficial to your businesses’ bottom line than additional dollars earned.

Spending retail cost on fuel this Holiday Season? Landstar says, “Bah! Humbug!”