Updated Link: BCOs, Take The Load Board Challenge

Load-Board-Demo-Blog-LogoWhether you’re new to Landstar or an owner-operator thinking about leasing on, searching for freight can be a challenge – but there’s a way to improve your odds of finding just the right load.

To help increase your options and customize your search, take the Load Board Challenge. Landstar owner-operators have 24/7 secure access to available loads posted on the Landstar freight load board. The load board lets the user search for loads by origin, destination, rate-per-mile and more.

To help you make the most out of a search, Landstar has set up the Load Board Challenge, a live webinar demonstration of Landstar’s load board.

“Landstar literally has thousands of available loads every day. The load board webinar allows us to demonstrate the tools available to help BCOs find the loads that best suit you as an individual,” said Landstar Vice President of Capacity Development, Scott Ray. success

“Understanding how to search through the thousands of loads available can make a BCO’s business more efficient. That means more loads hauled per month, which means more revenue.”

To see how the interactive load board can put more profit in your pocket, register for one of the FREE load board webinars held daily Tuesday through Friday: Click here to register!

Owner-operators or company drivers who have further questions about the Load Board Challenge webinar or leasing with Landstar can contact BCO Recruiting at 1-800-435-4010.