BCOs Now Have a Dedicated Home Base of Operations

This year, Landstar made a few changes to provide more personalized service and enhance communications between business capacity owners (BCOs) and the staff in departments that work closely with them. Each BCO has been domiciled to one of the seven Field Operations Centers throughout North America.

“The domicile reorganization gives Landstar an opportunity to better serve our business capacity owners, our BCOs,” says Executive Vice President of Capacity Development Rocco Davanzo. “Whether an independent owner-operator is new to the Landstar system or he or she has logged a million safe miles while leased onto Landstar, the idea is that each BCO has a home base of operations with personnel who are more familiar with them and their particular business needs and goals.”

Each Field Operations Center has a dedicated staff of BCO advisors, representatives from safety and compliance, as well as coordinators for Orientation and other business classes. The staff works solely with BCOs domiciled at that center.

All BCOs have been domiciled to one of the seven Field Operations Center in either Mesa, Arizona;
St. Augustine, Florida; Carnesville, Georgia; Indianapolis, Indiana; Reedsville, Pennsylvania; Fort Worth, Texas or Ontario, Canada.

BCOs are welcome and encouraged to stop by any of the centers to conduct business while on the road – but the individual’s domicile center is their home base for the business relationship between the BCO and Landstar.

“The domicile location is where the center’s dedicated staff establishes stronger relationships with individual owner-operators and gets to know their business needs inside and out, in order to be a valuable resource to the BCO for navigating the Landstar network and growing with the company,” says Davanzo. “It’s just one more Landstar advantage for owner-operators who choose to be on their own, but not alone.”

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