When independent Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs) and agents go above and beyond, their efforts are recognized with Landstar’s Star of Quality award.

Each month, deserving BCOs and agents earn Landstar’s Star of Quality Award for the outstanding efforts they make every day. Our thanks and praise to these members of the Landstar network, who represent the best in the freight transportation industry.


Glen R. White, John Parrent, Gordon R. Coen*, Lonnie Daniels*, Scott E. Buchanan*, George Proctor Jr.*, Vada Jo Proctor*

*Recipients have received multiple Gold Star of Quality awards.


Allan Alfred Austin Jr., Daniel P. Hochleutner, David Harold Gilmore, Fernando Juarez, Francisco Azurdia, Isaac Neil Smith, John A. Giraldo, Thomas Arthur Vitez, Thomas Lawrence Quigley


Angelina R. Kruse, Beverley K. Langley, Blake J. Hill, Boris Jolic, Brenda Joyce Ortiz, Efrain Rodriguez Jr., Eric D. Hinton, Felipe Carrillo Jr., Francisco Guerra III, Gary Lee Reece, Gordon James Commandant, Igor Radoja, Jacorey Taylor, James H. Smith Jr., James Michael Miller, Jandy Gomez Jorcano, Jason J. Kruse, Jeanette Marie Stampo, Jennifer Jo Marcu, Joel Loiseau, Jorge Gallegos, Kristopher N. Johns, Luis A. Gomez, Marcus D. Lewis, Mario M. Fonseca, Matthew M. Matala, Michael Allen White, Michael Gowitzka, Nemanja Radoja, Nicolae I. Marcu, Norman Ryan Oneal Burrowes, Oscar D. Ramirez Arevalo, Paul Ray Yoder, Ramon Elier Munoz Santiago, Rebecca J. Heck, Robert Deason, Roberto Carlos Avila, Terrell Teshun Wooten, Terry Allen Williams, Timothy Michael Trammell, Tina Marie Davenport, Willard A. Fowler

If you would like to nominate a Landstar agent or BCO for a Star of Quality Award, please email StarQ@Landstar.com.


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