Windmill Blade Trailer Enhances Landstar Capacity

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Landstar’s new Windmill Blade Trailers will soon be on the road and hauling giant windmill blades. The first of six Windmill blade trailers to become a part of Landstar’s trailer fleet was unveiled in Carlisle, Pennsylvania at the end of October.

The trailers, made by TransMaster Trailers extend 199 feet, allowing BCOs to haul the industry’s longest windmill blades. The trailers themselves weigh in at 49,000 pounds and are able to haul a 36,000 pound windmill blade.

“This gives Landstar greater flexibility in transporting longer windmill blades and enhances Landstar as a key player in wind energy transportation,” said Landstar Vice President of Trailer Management Matt Miller.FullSizeRender (3)

The windmill blade trailers were specifically designed and built to meet the demands of the growing wind energy transportation industry. The new trailers are now the longest available for transport of windmill blades.

“New wind towers are getting bigger, they have longer and bigger blades to optimize the access to wind power. With these new trailers, Landstar is now among the premiere blade haulers in the United States,” said Landstar Agent Mike Meyer who has specialized in wind transport for over a decade.

FullSizeRender (2)Landstar BCOs and approved carriers will be specially trained to haul with these trailers.  The extendable trailers are expected to be in operation by the end of 2015.

Watch the trailer in action: Windmill Blade Trailer

BCOs and approved carriers interested in windmill blade transportation should contact Landstar’s Heavy Specialized Supervisor Mark Harris at 815-972-5140 or 800-684-7968.